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Deenya Craig Ministries Provides online resources, classes, training, mentoring, life coaching and digital download products and books to help grow your spiritual maturity and understanding.


Deenya Craig Ministries

Deenya Craig Ministries provides motivational and informational training for anyone looking to take responsibility for their spiritual journey.

Scholarships are available and certain times during the year for various trainings/events. We are currently NOT offering any scholarships at the present time.

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Did God Let You Down?

Have you ever felt like God has let you down? Depending on God to do something that you cannot do for yourself can be a daunting task. Especially to those who are used to depending…

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Learning to trust God is a conscious processs that doesn’t just happen. I would say that superficially, most people don’t trust God. They lean to other accepted beliefs and theories that are more widely and…

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6 Things A Christian Should Never Say

As I prepare for our prophetic training that is being released all month long, I think about how much power our words really have. As a prophetess and Apostle called and ordained by God, I…

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