Learning to trust God is a conscious processs that doesn’t just happen. I would say that superficially, most people don’t trust God. They lean to other accepted beliefs and theories that are more widely and readily accepted by the world. Why? Because let’s face it…Trusting God for something that only man can do seems crazy right? Trusting God takes a conscious decision to go outside of the norm. It takes a backbone to stand and say that you will trust God when things are slowly crumbly or quickly crashing in your life. I am in a season where I am CHOOSING to trust God because the alternative I cannot accept. I refuse and cannot go back to the place where I used to be. Truthfully, I need to trust God because trusting myself and hoping in others has led to great disappointments.

What do you do when you decide to trust God? I can tell you this, you have to increase your prayer life no matter where it’s at. You make think that your prayer life is sufficient but when you talk about getting more from God and getting less from you….you need more prayer! Why would I say this? I say this because when you decide to put your trust in God, Satan is coming. He is coming to steal the idea the idea and the confidence that you just decided to put in God be Lord and Savior over whatever area you’re trusting him for. Rest assured, the detour is coming. That thing that always derails you when you try to go further in God is coming again because we have not overcome it with satisfaction. So when you decide to trust God, you must increase your prayer life so that when the attacks come from the enemy, you can talk to the Lord to get assurance that this is what He wants from you, He’s pleased with you, He’s helping you, He’s protecting you, He’s fighting for you, He’s caring for you and He has the plan for the victory.

Now that you are moving out there in this trust, let me say this prayer for you. Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus I ask that you touch the lives and minds of each person deciding to trust in you today. Father, we ask that you would be a covering for them to hold on to the word and the promises that you have for their lives and their families and make this time be the right time. We cancel the assignment of the enemy and every roadblock he’s put in their path to sway or deter them from the course for they shall see it with victory in Jesus name, Amen!


Apostle Deenya Craig

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